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Talking Stage Anxiety: Are You Oversharing & Do They Like You Back?

February 27, 2023 Jodi & Erin Season 4 Episode 406
Get Comfortable
Talking Stage Anxiety: Are You Oversharing & Do They Like You Back?
Show Notes

This episode is all about new relationships and talking stages. We use evidence based communication  insights to break some things down and help you get some clarity to what can often be grey area. Are you oversharing? What types of topics should you bring up early on? How do you know if they are interested or like you based on their communication? 

This won’t be so much about hard rules or tricks - we don’t believe in playing games, but we do believe in being informed so that you can show up in your relationships in a way that you feel good about. We also want to ease your anxiety a bit and help give you some clarity if you are in a confusing scenario currently with someone. Then we go over music recommendations and share some spicy personal info with a couple fun games in our Dish Bish segment at the end. 

This episode covers:

  • Anxiety in early relationship stages
  • How much you should share in the beginning of a relationship?
  • How to gauge if you are oversharing
  • How to be open without oversharing and what that looks like
  • Some things to avoid sharing early on, as well as what you should share in the talking stages of a relationship
  • How to know if someone you're talking to is interested in you 
  • When and how to approach conversations about feelings when you need additional clarity

Do you want to play it smart and be able to appropriately gauge how much you should share and be able to better tell if someone likes you back? This can be really hard to do sometimes, but especially when you are in a talking or early stage of a relationship. We want to help give you some things to think about that will ease your mind and help you navigate things in a healthy way. 

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